No.NameActivities and DateLevelAchievements
1.Annisya Rainy PutriMahasiswa Berprestasi Award at Rayon Level of LLDIKTI 4, 2019Nationalthe 1st
2.Annisya Rainy PutriLLDIKTI 4, 2019Nationalthe 3rd
3.Tiffany and Mila SariThe National Competition Lomba Rancang Alat at EXCESS-UNILA, Lampung, 2018Nationalthe 4th
4.Krissan MalindaExcellent Non-Academic Activities During Her Study in SGUNationalReceived EY Kanter Award


No.NameActivities and DateLevelAchievements
1.Samuel P. Kusumocahyo 2019NationalReceived World Class Research Grant
2.Samuel P. Kusumocahyo -NationalThe only lecturer in LLDIKTI 4
3.Samuel P. Kusumocahyo Dosen Berprestasi award in LLDIKTI 4, 2019Nationalthe 1st